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All dishes 7 items 2H All you can drink ★ 4200 yen course

All dishes 7 items 2H All you can drink ★ 4200 yen course

By using a coupon4200 yen

  • 7items
  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes with all you can drink! (30 minutes before LO)

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Course menu

· Four appetizers

Example) Lever putty, marinade, carpaccio, frit of olive and yam, caprese etc

Recommended for that day

· Creamy cheese rice croquette

· Today's pasta

Example) Pepperoncino of colored vegetables, Japanese spaghetti of mushrooms etc.

·ice cream

◆ If there are requests such as the number of people and the dish content

Please feel free to contact us ♪

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer (Sapporo black label) Chandigafu
· High, sour, plum wine
· Oolong high green tea high grapefruit sour lemon sour lime sour plum wine (water split · lock)
· Whiskey (water split · lock) High Ball Ginger High Ball Cork High Ball
· Red Wine White Wine Splitzer Kitty Operator Carimocho Symphony
· Gin tonic jin back orange blossom rum cook rum back solkburno moscommeure vodka tonic screw driver screw bulldog
· China Blue lychee tonic lychee orange cassis soda cassis orange casis oolong cassis tea peach ginger fuzzy ine regga punch campari soda spumoni malibu coke malibu orange malibu darjeeling Boston gold
· Original cocktail
· Berry Maryb Beach Berry Berry Squash Jubilee Strawberry Blossom Banana & Strawberry Squash
·Soft drink
· Coca · Cola Ginger Ale Tonic Water Oolong Tea Orange Juice Grapefruit Juice Green Tea

2018/12/29 update